Festival for treskultur og innovativ trearkitektur i Stor-Elvdal Gangar fra Svartdalen, av Bananaz (august, Black Box/Svartdalen) 2019: The Big Dream, by Verk Prod Release of Landers EP by PERP Know-Hows by Carte Blanche Performance and curatorial partner at Joshua Treenial 2012-2021: Norwegian Video Art Archive (pilot project) Videokunstarkivet Since 2016 ->: Artist residency in the Mojave desert, California: Project Space Landers Recent Topology of Two Spaces, sound installation at Palazzo Caiselli, Udine, as part of Il Suono In Mostra (2018) Verk Produksjoner Manifest United Oslo, Stamsund, Gothenburg, Trondheim, Bergen ++ Berstad/Hegebostad/Wigdel SPOILER Curator for Tony Conrad Tribute events at ANX, Oslo. JUTEGNASK, archive project/residency (w/Ida Lykken Ghosh) at Bergen Kunsthall Vanishing Vinyl, 45 min. sound art/radio drama commission for YLE (Finnish National Broadcasting) LP WEAPON track Brisee (w/Hanan Benammar). Performed live at Le Cube, Paris. Starman, exhibition with Ketil Nergaard, Nebbet, Fredrikstad. Desert Guitars, Thousand Points of Light, Joshua Tree, California. Release of LP with Ghedalia Tazartes on my old dBUT label. 500 copies only! Norwegian Embassy in Stazione di Topolo, Italy. Surrounded by Something, 64p. book/catalogue Platou's cave. Noplace, Oslo SKOGEN / What happened in the woods. Hå Gamle Prestegard Notturno Prosobranchia per Topolo (w/Signe Lidén) @ Stazione di Topolo, Italy Nothing is Nothing, Kurant, Tromsø¸ Jonny Winklers Kanon, Obrestad Fyr Per Telex performance/lecture at Norsk Telemuseum, Oslo @@@()/&%)/#/ Verk Productions mpepe3 eclectic testicle radio d'Oslo (64 Kbps stream) History Music/sound archive Motherboard Nood Written in stone - a archaeology (2003) Some texts/articles CV email